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  Products - Carib-reef Rock Construction


The design and the module prototyping are done in South Africa. Carib-reef coral reef structure has its own pride with the prolonged life span of more than 10 years of anti-paint cum color leaching technology. Every surfaces hand made in to the natural eco-system with professional artists and the dedicated work. Each and every structure coated with 6 layers of synthetic air-craft coating paints. The synthetic technology makes sure the component does not react with any marine system including the sensitive reef bio systems.

The design of the rocks is exclusive for us and it does not give any chance to imitate to make duplicates of its own. The synthetic rubber corals make sure the stability in water and will not get damage during regular maintenance. We make coral structure according to customers color preference and size to fit with their dream and creativity. All the raw materials used with these systems are 100% safe with all aquatic organisms.

Carib-reef CR 041

Measurement : H 42 cm x L 21 cm x W 11 cm

Carib-reef CR 042

Measurement : H 48 cm x L 32 cm x W 26 cm

Carib-reef CR 043

Measurement : H 42 cm x L 59 cm x W 19 cm

Carib-reef CR 044

Measurement : H 50 cm x L 37 cm x W 31 cm

Carib-reef CR 045

Measurement : H 51 cm x L 40 cm x W 36 cm

Carib-reef CR 046

Measurement : H 60 cm x L 43 cm x W 30 cm

Carib-reef CR 047

Measurement : H 65 cm x L 42 cm x W 39 cm

Carib-reef CR 048

Measurement : H 65 cm x L 51 cm x W 25 cm

Carib-reef CR 049

Measurement : H 45 cm x L 37 cm x W 20 cm

Carib-reef CR 050

Measurement : H 57 cm x L 44 cm x W 25 cm

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