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  Products - Marine Medications and Additives

1.Bactonil Marine

Effective against ulcerous wounds, clamped scales, fin rot, reddish inflammation, and physical injuries. Bactonil – Marine is best suited for quarantine and hospital tanks.

Dosage : 10 ml / 100 litre
Packing : 220 ml

2.Paracidol Marine

A broad spectrum anti-parasitic remedy for marine fish (not to be used with invertebrates). Effective against external free swimming parasites such as marine white spot (Cryptocaryon irritans), Oodinium, and other disease causing parasites.

Paracidol – Marine should apply for below symptoms.
Visible tiny white color spots on the skin surfaces. The fish starts to scratch the body on the tank substrates. Eyes become cloudy. Color loss in the skin and secondary infection such as bacterial or fungal infections may appear at later stages.

Dosage : 10 ml / 100 litre
Packing : 220 ml


Nitr-o-nil is a blend of naturally derived compounds which bind with nitrogen to remove nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia instantly. Nitr-o-nil starts to work within 2 hours of application. Check the pH level and ensure not to drop down the pH during this natural additive application.

Dosage : 10 ml / 100 litre
Packing : 100 ml,  220 ml

4.Coral Lodide

For the growth and health of polyps, mushrooms, sponges, and all other soft corals. Crustaceans need iodide for molting and the development of their exo-skeletons. The advanced ultra formula supplies the most successful form of bio-available Iodide ion. Recommended to use in reef aquaria especially with mushroom, xenia sp, anemones and other soft corals.

Dosage : 10 ml / 400 litre
Packing : 220 ml

5.Magnesium Booster

Magnesium is an important supplement for regulating the calcium and alkalinity levels in the marine aquarium. It prevents excess precipitation of calcium in the aquarium substrate and is helpful for the skeletal growth of corals.

Dosage : 10 ml / 100 litre
Packing : 220 ml

6.Active Calcium

Active calcium is the advanced formula to boost the calcium levels in a marine aquarium. Calcium is an important supplement for the growth and health of coral reefs and fish. It is easily absorbed by mollusks and invertebrates to form stronger exo-skeletons.

Dosage : 10 ml / 100 litre
Packing : 220 ml


For the growth & health of hard corals, anemones and micro algae.
Strontium is very essential for the growth of colored calcareous algae, tube worm, clams, and other hard corals. Boosts the growth of pink, red, and green coralline algae on live rock.

Dosage : 10 ml / 200 litre
Packing : 220 ml

8.Marine Bio Elements & Vitamins

Replenishes the most required form of trace elements and vitamins essential for corals, invertebrates and fish growth. Promotes the growth of coralline algae on live rock. Helps to regenerate damaged fish fins and the shells of molted crustaceans.

Dosage : 10 ml / 400 litre
Packing : 220 ml

9.Reef Lron

Iron is the most rapidly usable compound by all aquatic organisms. Fish, Invertebrates, micro algae, and macro algae need iron for their growth, and all metabolic activity. Aquatic remedies ‘Reef Iron’ is the most reliable form of bio-available iron for all aquatic organisms. ‘Reef Iron’ has been formulated to promote the growth of coralline algae, and refugium macro algae. ‘Reef Iron’ will not induce the growth of hair algae.

Raises bio-available form of iron in marine systems.  Free from phosphate and nitrate. Safe to all aquatic organisms. Promotes the growth of micro and macro algae.

Dosage : 10 ml / 400 litre
Packing : 220 ml

10.Microlife S2

Microlife-S2 contains liquid denitrifying bacteria nitrosomonos and nitrobacter bacteria. Nitrosomonos oxidizes ammonia to nitrite. Nitrobacter oxidizes nitrite to non-toxic nitrate. Microlife-S2 is complete natural product, it biologically degrades uneaten food, fish waste and all other nitrogen compounds. Keeps aquarium water crystal clear.

Dosage : 10 ml / 100 litre
Packing : 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml

11.Benebacter Marine

Benebacter – Marine is concentrated encapsulated bacterial culture combined with many kinds of bacteria in a single product. It is a seven species of marine bacteria in encapsulated colored spherical balls of 1 mm size with a simple form of dextrose film coating for extended shelf life. Reduces ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulphate and odor quickly. Best suited for marine tank, reef aquaria, and live rock seasoning systems.


Bacillus sp - oxidizes, carbohydrate, fat and organic acids. Improves and regulates  the fish digestion.
Cellulomonas sp - Converts cellulose to soluble carbohydrate which will be used as food for other beneficial bacteria.
Aerobacter sp - At micro aero-philic conditions (soil) this bacteria ferments carbohydrate to short chain organic compounds which serve as the energy and food source to other beneficial bacteria
Nitrosomonas sp - Oxidizes ammonia to nitrite
Nitrobacter sp - Oxidizes nitrite to nitrate.
Pseudomonas sp - Oxidizes the organic and inorganic (hydro carbons) wastes.
Rhodococcus sp - Eliminates unusual odor in aquarium system by removing hydrogen sulphide.
Dosage : 1 gram treats 200 liter
Packing : 30 gram, 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 Kg.

12.Micro Care

Four in One formula for aquarium.
Contains stress remover, beneficial bacteria, Immuno-stimulants, vitamin and mineral mixture.

During transportation of fish.
Reduces  stress  when  fish  introduced  in  to the aquarium.
Regular  use  in  aquarium  every  week,  results in improved immune response.
Helpful for faster regeneration of damaged fins / wounded  body surfaces / post disease treatment.
Eliminates disease causing pathogenic bacteria.
Supplies the optimal vitamin / mineral  availability  in the water.
Beneficial bacteria decomposes the toxic  nitrogen compounds in the aquarium.
Regulates and improves fish digestion.

Dosage : 1 gram treats 200 liter
Packing : 30 gram, 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 Kg

13.Invertebrate Food

Food for all filter feeding invertebrate such as anemones,  starfish,  clams  and  all other soft corals.

INGREDIENTS : Fish meal, cyclops, and phytoplankton.
Add 0.5 gram (equal to half spoon) of invertebrate food to a cup of water. Mix thoroughly and pour in to the aquarium.1 gram for approximately 150 liter of water. Turn off  all  pumps,  and  protein  skimmer for 10 minutes during this application.

Packing : 30 gram

14.Kalkwasser Mix

Increases calcium and pH levels in aquarium water.

Dosage : 3 grams treats 100 liter.
Package : 100 gram

15.pH Buffer

Increases and stabilizes pH.

Dosage : 5 grams treats 100 liter
Package : 200 gram


Alphos-Nil is a highly active porous compound effectively absorbs phosphate residues in the water. The high quality granules useful to reduce harmful algae in freshwater and marine aquarium. Alphos-Nil prevents excess algae growth including filamentous algae, red algae and brown algae in marine and fresh water aquariums.
Application : Keep the granules in the mesh bag and place it in the aquarium with low water flow. Replace the product after 30 days.

Safe to use with Reef and Planted aquariums.

Dosage : 200 gram treats 500 litre of aquarium.
Packing : 200 gram

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